Saturday, December 27, 2008

puppy christmas

The dogs each got a squeeky chew toy from Aunt Patty, and in true Ella fashion, she spent the better part of the evening ripping the polyester out of the snowman to get to the squeeker, then destroyed that and went back to the "carcass". She'll carry that around forever, now that it's cleaned out. She greets me every day when I come home with one of her toys, always has.
Louie on the other hand, has always played nice with his toys, until Ella gets ahold of those too, and destroys them. He's more of a paper shredder, and this made him very happy.
In the end, my living room looked like it had snowed, and I had one very tired puppy!


AnnMarie said...

Your cute post made me laugh out loud! My puppy dog removes the goodies from her stuffies too! Her favorite toy 'carcass' is currently a totally flat, de-fluffed, de'squeaked soccer ball! Goofy fur babies! : )

paulssandy said...

This is too funny. One of my pups does exactly the same thing. Seek and destroy is his moto. The more noise the poor caught toy make the more fun he has! My other 2 just sit and watch with sad eyes. One loves the fluff in so he can shake it around, let it go flying and chase it. The other (the female of course) stores every thing in the couch for later and she knows that he got it NOW! so it can't be saved for later. Love the pictures, thanks so much for sharing! Sandy O

Patty Bennett said...

So glad your puppies loved their toys... give them hugs. :) Auntie Patty :)