Thursday, December 4, 2008

bone folder

I brought this as a "share" to our Luv2Stamp group meeting, and to a class, and Patty urged me to post this at some point, so here goes. What do you get when you give your English Mastiff access to your craft room and supplies?

Now in his defense, it IS called a "bone" folder! I must say, when I bring this to a meeting, no one ever says "I think you have my bone folder". It's an original. Thankfully he didn't eat the tip, and I actually have used it on occasion. I did break down and buy more, so this one can retire, and just give us a laugh from time to time. The culprit:


Patty Bennett said...

No worries.. I WON'T be borrowing it!! :) Patty

Britt said...

Wow, not even my kids cause quite that much damage! ;)