Sunday, December 7, 2008

post it holders

I can't remember whose site I saw this idea on, but they were so cute, I wanted to make some. They start with a 4x6 acrylic frame, I added DSP and the tree or snowflake, then added some sticky strip to the back of the post-it pad and adhered it to the front of the frame. The holiday post-its were at Target in the dollar spot. I'm going to add a ribbon through the top of the frame and tie a pen to it, just haven't gotten to it yet.


Patty Bennett said...

Soooooooooooo beautiful! They are great!! Patty

MrsBoz said...

You left a comment on my owl card called, "Hoot, Hoot!", about the glass necklace. We were directed to go to: and choose one necklace for our inspiration. The necklaces are only $8 each, and I think there's a special if you buy two. Thanks for your kind comment. You do lovely work!

AnnMarie said...

These are adorable! : )