Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last year for convention, I made cardstock rings using the small tag punch, and included all 48 colors, our neutrals, and the 6 in colors for the 2008-2009 year. In addition, I made a few complete rings that I stamped with bleach, using the Dreams Du Jour stamp set, and gave those to some special friends, my sister included. It's really a great process, and shows a lot of interesting base colors in our cardstock. I use this reference a lot to make up color combinations for cards I'm putting together. This year, all I have to do is replace the In Colors with the new 2009-2010 colors. I also used the new Circle Circus stamp set for the bleaching process, and added one of the new In Color Polka Dot ribbons to show those off too. My sister Ellen and I had a great time making these, and since all we're doing is replacing 6 colors, it went super fast.

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Ellen said...

Thanks for including me in your "special friends". You know why! Love, Ellen