Thursday, November 13, 2008

wall o' punches

I'm sorry for not posting much (or anything) for more than a week, but I'm in the process of reorganizing my craft room and it's taking a lot more time than I'd thought. I really like the rods being used for our punches, so I went to IKEA and bought the 31 1/2" Grundtal rods and just got those up! I'm in the process of finding all my punches to put on the rods, but was thrilled at how it looks so far, and really happy that even our smallest punches sit securely. I'm including a photo of what I've got so far, and I was thinking I'd like to punch our Stampin Up! vinyl and apply that to the wall, so that if a punch goes missing, I'll know which one it is, and that if I pull a bunch down to use at one time (which happens frequently), I'll be able to put them all back where they belong (isn't that what our mother's taught us, "a place for everything, and everything in its place - yeah right!). ok, how many people noticed that the spacing is exact, and the width is the same as the height (I'm not obsessed, right?).

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Patty Bennett said...

Looks FAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS darling!! :) Patty