Monday, March 7, 2011

sentimental journey

I loved this set that was in a previous mini. it's been so long, I don't remember when. obviously it's not currently available, but wouldn't it be great if it were in the new big catalog that comes out in july! I don't usually have great luck with picking sets that carry over, but I buy what I like and that makes it ok for me. this was also a control freak swap! I'm glad that for the most part, when I go back and look at what I've done, I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out. the control freaks are such a hugely talented group of women, that I feel added pressure to do my very best when we have swaps (and feel totally unworthy of belonging, but as long as they'll have me, I'm staying!). I've had a few clunkers that don't work, no matter how many times I tweak it, but regardless, usually I hear encouraging words from these ladies. that's the other very cool thing, no matter how busy they get, they take the time to encourage and appreciate each other. the blog tours they have every month are absolutely amazing, and you should definitely take the time to take the tour! I get so many ideas from them. I probably won't be on a tour, I can't imagine being able to link to anyone (computer delinquent here), but once you find one blog, you can get through the entire tour, they're that good at setting the whole thing up.

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