Friday, March 4, 2011

artistic etchings and thoughts

this is another card for a control freak swap I did awhile back. I was looking at the photos on my memory card, thought about posting this, then had to go through the catalog to remember the right name for this set. I don't know if you're like me or not, but when I get the new SU! catalog, I go to the back first, where all the embellishments are, where all my money will have to go initially, then I go through from front to back. while I was looking through the catalog today, I realized there are so MANY sets I have that I either have never used, or haven't used in ages. I must admit, with the addition of the clear sets, I haven't bought anything in wood that I didn't have to buy in wood, and since the clear sets work in such a nice amount of space, I usually go right to those when I want to stamp something. plus the added bonus is that our clear blocks are SO comfortable and feel SO nice to stamp with. I've stamped for a long time and had other blocks, but these are SO worth having. I haven't used the old ones since I got ours. with the addition of mini catalogs, I will also go to all the new stuff, rather than using something I have. don't get me wrong, I will still buy everything I can!!!, but I'd like to challenge myself to not only start blogging more frequently, but also to using sets that I've forgotten about. I figure if I post that, I'll feel a need to not let myself, or anyone who comes to check in on me, down. so, back to this card! I LOVE shrink plastic, wish we sold it, because I'd be happy to buy it from myself rather than having to get in the car and drive somewhere to see if they might have it in stock. I stamped the key image on tan shrink plastic, then cut it out and shrunk it down to add to the heart with a mini glue dot.

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