Sunday, November 13, 2011

glimmer paper WOW

ok, I think it's a wow, I hope you do too.  I used permanent markers to color some glimmer paper and it turned out alright, but I wanted to make it work using only SU! products, so I tried something new (to me at least) and I think it's gorgeous!
first I cut glimmer paper and sprayed alcohol on it, then used reinker in drops randomly around the paper in different colors (you can use all one color too).
I started turning the paper and adding more alcohol to make it run more.
if I had too much of one color in an area, or if it was too dark or I didn't like that color, I just blotted it with paper towel, and added another drop of another color if I needed more in that area, adding alcohol as needed to keep it moving.
once I liked my paper, I dried it with the heat tool, but as it dries, the silver glimmer comes out more and the colors fade to the back, and the color still seemed to come off on my fingers.  so instead of drying it, I added a layer of clear embossing powder while it was still wet, then dried it with the heat tool, and the color popped right out.
I re-sprayed it with alcohol and added another layer of embossing powder and then heated it to melt the embossing powder (paper on left is dried with heat tool only, paper on right shown with embossing powder).
I found 3 layers made the whole surface smoother, spraying alcohol before adding the next layer of embossing powder, since it didn't stay warm long enough to do the normal reapplying and heating of embossing powder.
the added benefit is that you can spray the backing of the glimmer paper and peel it right off so you can use your new colored glimmer paper with punches, or leave it and use our dies.  on my card, I used both the intricate snowflake and the border punch (with the backing peeled off), and they cut very easily.


Adriana Benitez said...

Wow - look at that color! TFS!!

Cindee said...

You are a GENIUS!

Leonie Schroder said...

oh oh oh I love this ... thanks for sharing :)

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

Definitely a WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your discovery!!!