Saturday, June 18, 2011

stack and store caddy

I think these things are brilliant and I have 4 of them, mainly because I don't get rid of anything and I think 2 of them are full of retired items, like brads and eyelets. also when I buy multiple packs of something, I tend to separate them out so I can use all of one thing when I'm doing a swap. anyway, I love them, but I spend an awful lot of time spinning that thing around trying to find what I need and sometimes have more than one of the same thing in 2 different places so I order more when I still have a bunch (sound like anybody else out there?). the other day I thought to myself "I could use that flat space next to the container to mount one of each thing". now I'm guessing that SU! already thought of that, and probably everyone else already does it, but it finally just came to me. I used the retired pop up glue dots since they're "meatier" and super sticky, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I've already utilized it since completing it, and did inventory at the same time, combining containers when I could. hope this helps someone else, I know it will keep me from being totally frustrated!

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