Friday, March 12, 2010

hi, my name is sharon, and I'm an addict

hahaha! I am SO addicted to these rag purses, I spent a fair amount of time at the fabric store the other day and found some cute buttons to use in the center of each square as an accent. just wanting to try other ways of personalizing the purses. I'll be getting to those shortly.

in the meantime, I also bought some felt in 2 browns and a pink, to coordinate with the stitched felt sweet pea flowers. I made the bag with single layers of felt, except where I added both inside and outside pockets, using the browns to make a checkerboard look, and the pink on the sides. it's pretty easy for it to stand up on it's own without batting.

I added the felt flowers with a glue gun, and they didn't take any time at all. I think I'm going to use big grommets for the handles to attach (since it's a single layer), or maybe the preformed handles you can get at the fabric store. these are TOO much fun and highly addictive. use caution!

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Diane said...

Love the idea of using the felt to match the flowers.
Blessings, Diane B